ALASKA AIRLINES flies into Ketchikan, Alaska. Once in Ketchikan, you can make  arrangements with Taquan Air (907) 225-8800 to get to Port Protection.  

SPECIAL NOTICES : when leaving the Ketchikan airport, put your luggage on a cart  available at the baggage claim. Walk down the ramp to the ferry at the mouth of the  Clarence Straits. There is a small fee as you enter the ferry system. The short ride will  take you to Ketchikan.  

Flights to and from Ketchikan to Port Protection are only available on Tuesday or  Saturday. Keep this in mind unless you have other travel arrangements. 

We recommend staying at Super 8 Motel in Ketchikan. 

If you mention you are going to Port Protection Wilderness Lodge, you will receive a  discounted price. Call Rog at Super 8 Motel at (907) 225-9088. If you are staying at the  Super Eight, call the motel for a shuttle from and to the airport.  


A Charter is a good option if you have a group of 4 or 5 people. Costs may be more  reasonable for a charter, and number of bags or baggage weight may not be an issue.  

Carlin Air offers Charter flights to Port Protection. Please call or check the website for  services. (907) 225-3036 or (888) 594-3036  

Pacific Wings is an Air Taxi/Charter service. Call 907-772-4258 or click:  

Sunrise Aviation in Wrangell provides flights including aerial recons, cargo transport, and  any other personal or business transportation need. Call 907-874-2319 or 800-874-2311.